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About SSSAKALA Consultants

Chartered Engineers, Valuers & Surveyors

SSSAKALA is a consulting firm providing services on pan India basis for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural/ Plantation works through valuers, chartered engineers, surveyors and plantation experts. We strive to understand the requirements of our clients and provide them time efficient, cost effective and quality services under one roof. We engage with the Client throughout the project lifecycle, and ensure the best possible solution is provided to the Client. Our team has collective in-depth experience of working in multiple industries in complex real estate, plant and machinery asset valuations, project management services ensuring successful completion of building construction and engineering services such as rainwater harvesting design, ETP/STP/WTP trouble shooting, waste water/sewage recycling projects and green belt development for industries. Additionally, SSSAKALA is also proud to assist the society with consultation for protection of individual’s consumer Rights and Right to information with help of our RTI expert.

  • Vision

    We aim to be recognized as a one stop solution provider for our Clients in Valuation, engineering and allied services that we provide to the Client.

  • Mission

    To achieve the vision, SSSAKALA is evolving innovative, globally accepted cost effective and quality service offerings tailored to meet the Client requirements in the services provided by them.