SSSAKALA Consultants through its team of partners, with rich experience and diverse background provides various services in Engineering, Valuation and other services. The different services provided as below.

Valuation Services:

  • Valuation of asset for sale, internal management analysis, purchase prise allocation, mergers and acquisition (due diligence), mortgage and insurance.
  • Valuation for impairment testing under various accounting standards.
  • Valuation for Capital Gain Tax and certification of investment in construction of residential and commercial buildings for income tax purposes.
  • Valuation for visa purposes.
  • Valuation for fixation of the minimum bid price for auction purposes.
  • Support audit teams/ chartered accountant firms to review fair value estimates of valuation firms.
  • Valuation for of Agriculture/Plantation assets.

Chartered Engineering Services:

  • Project management services including planning, estimation, Construction oversight Project Management, billing and payments to contractors and assist in successful completion of building construction.
  • Arbitration.
  • Fixed asset management.
  • Assist Management of Companies in physical verification.
  • Chartered engineering certification / surveying.
  • Rainwater harvesting design.
  • ETP/STP/WTP troubleshooting.
  • Wastewater/sewage recycling projects, greenbelt development for industries.
  • Surveying & Layout Preparation.

Other Professional Services:

  • Componentisation, Residual values, useful life estimates for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Indian Accounting Standards (IAS).
  • Weight Control & installation Engineering (related to Oil and Gas Industries)
  • Water Audit.
  • Statutory Compliance Audit – As per Environmental Clearance/ CTE/CTO.
  • Pollution Control Process Audit.
  • CTE/CTO application preparation for Orange/Red category industries.
  • Assistance for the preparation of statutory forms and returns.
  • Consultation for the protection of individual’s Consumer Rights and Rights to Information.
  • Best investment advisory for Land/ Building assets based on market research.
  • Real estate advisory

Sectors Covered:

Real Estate | Metals and Mining | Power Plants | Oil & Gas | Telecommunications | Capital Goods | Information Technology Assets | Food and beverages | Educations | Chemicals and Fertilisers | Media and Entertainment | Banking | Hospitals | Amusement parks | Hotels